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The Story that Began with a Change of Mind

A lot of stories begin with amazing beginnings; beginnings without anxiety or beginnings without intense anticipation. This one begins with a "no", and then to a "yes" and then to adventures that finally sparked and ignited.

This site is designed specifically to tell the story about a certain South East Asian man named Tanistrus and his pursuit to win the heart of a beautiful Alaskan redheaded lady. Although things did not seem to go the way he wanted it to be, he continued to be as patient as possible, as he discerns the Lord's will for him and his beautiful endeavor.

The ups and the downs of this tale create a weaving as intricate as the peacock feather. Only God knows the end of this tale - it might end in a joyful resolution, but it might also end in a sorrowful termination.

Now let us dive in as we continue to join the adventures of Tanistrus as he continues to walk within the narrative we call: The Peacock Story.

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